Current inventory

G&L Vertical 108" Boring Mill

Model 517 Series 108"
Condition Used

Giustina R230 Rotary Carrier

Model Giustina R230
Condition Excellent Condition

Besly DH2-23

Model Besly DH2-23
Condition Excellent

Besly V7000

Model Besly V7000
Condition Used

Gardner GRF-750

Model Gardner GRF-750
Condition Very Good

Gardner 2V18-18

Model Gardner 2V18-18
Condition Used

Giustina R242

Model Giustina R242
Condition Ready for retool

Giustina R220

Model Giustina R220
Condition Used

New 2017 Lucas-Daisho GRV series vertical disc grinders available from 300mm to 760mm

New 2017 Lucas Daisho DRG series horizontal disc grinders available from 300-915mm

(1) New Lucas Daisho GRV-585 or G2 ready for run off

New 2017 Lucas LHD-30 Horizontal spindle double disc grinders: Built to order as rotary, Gunfeed, through feed or park and grind.

(1) Gardner GRF-750 Gun fixture new in 1996. 60% remanufacture has been completed for shorter delivery.

(2) Gardner GRC-600 Rotary carrier
(1) Gardner SDG5-40″ Mono-Rail- with park and grind attachment
(2) Gardner SDG6-42″ Rotary carrier set up for connecting rods, late 1980s.
(1) Gardner SDG6-42″ Gun feed grinder, 1980’s
(2) Gardner SDG3-30″ Rotary carrier, 1980s
(2) Gardner SDG5-30 Through feed ready for remanufacture
(1) Gardner SDG5-30″ Gunfeed with servo in-feed taken from service
(1) Gardner SDG5-30″ Rotary with 3″ extra wide base.
(2) Gardner 2V18-18″, 1980s
(1) Gardner 2V18-24″, 1978
(2) Besly DH6-30″ Rotary, 1970s, Two standard electrics, and one available with PLC control and servo motor positioning
(2) DH6-30 Through feed
(2) Besly DH2-23 Through feed. In excellent condition
(3) Giustina R220 Rotary Carrier new in 2008 with coolant filter and Siemens 840D CNC
(2) Giustina R242 Rotary Carrier new in 2002 with coolant filters
(1) Giustina R242 Swing arm feed with wide base for pinion gears. Excellent condition.
(1) Koyo 585mm Hydraulic Gunfeed 1980
(1) Gardner 2V-36″ Vertical Spring Grinder, 1980s
(1) Gardner 4V36T Vertical Spring Grinder, 1968
(1) Gardner GVS-30 Vertical Spindle rotary carrier ready for rebuild
(1) Besly V7000 in very nice condition
(1) Besly V6000 Rebuilt with choice of controller